Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Ponderosa

A local group I belong to, Montana Bricolage Artists, are putting together a show at Montana Art and Gallery in Missoula MT for the months of June and July, 2011.  The show is called "A Trunk Show" and will be featuring our versions of trees of numerous species in their various stages and seasons of life.  Each piece will range in size between 10" and 18" wide and between 5' and 6' long.  Some will be hung from the ceiling in groupings so that viewers can walk through them as if in a forest.  Others will hang on walls, hopefully from hooks so that there will be shadows behind each tree.
The Ponderosa is my first tree piece for this show.  I will be working on two others. 
FYI - The word "bricolage" means "construction or creation from a diverse range of things".  It is pronounced with a long e sound for the "i".
The techniques I used for this piece include painted and heated Tyvek hand sewn to strips of crushed brown and black velvet that had been cut using a wood burning tool.  Other embellishments were added such as wool roving and dyed cheesecloth plus moss.